Campus Purchasing

·Any item over $250.00 requires a purchase order.

·Purchase Requisitions are now available online through the Portal. Log in to portal, click on Administrative Services, and then click Bookstore. Along the right side of Bookstore page, you will see the store links and Purchase Requisition. Please fill out, have a digital signature and send to for processing. The PO will be emailed back to your email address.

·Steps to achieve a purchase order:

·Log in to the Portal, Administrative Services, then Bookstore to find the Purchase Requisition.

·Fill out completely: All items, vendor name and address, budget number and approval signature.

·Most importantly: Be sure you have money in the particular budget line before requesting the purchase order.  Your signature on the bottom of the requisition indicates you have made the appropriate budget amendments and the money is ready to go.

·Purchase orders are processed on an as-needed basis-sometimes once a day/every other day, etc.

·If funds are not available in the account you have allocated, the purchase requisition will be sent back to you with a budget amendment attached for you to fill out and direct to the proper channels.

·Once the purchase order is processed, you will receive the actual PO scanned to your email address. If it is for one of General Services’ vendors (i.e. furniture, office supplies), we will place the order and return your copy to you.  Otherwise, you can take your white copy and order from the purchase order as needed, via-fax, mail, or calling in the order.

·All furniture and office supply purchases should go through Lana in General Services.